Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

PDX: the interns.

These are the people that I lived, cooked, argued, worked, breathed, camped, laughed, biked with every day for two months. They are incredible humans.

I never got the chance to take everyone's portraits like I had planned in my head. What a great regret! This taught me not to take for granted the time I spend with those close to me. Here's what I ended up with at the end of the summer: some happenstance photos that I can call "portraits."

Not pictured: Cassi Nelson, Shawna Rollins, Heather Bird.

Raleigh McCool. Truly one of the greatest human beings I have ever known. I am blessed to still call him my best friend. Today he is changing lives with his ever-giving heart and compassionate love. One day he will change lives with his powerful words (buy his books a couple years from now!). My love for Raleigh is eneffable and good.

Noel Joy Naker. How appropriate that her parents chose this as her middle name. Noel is a beautiful woman and a bright spirit with a vast love for humankind, nature, and God. She is love, embodied.

Liz Witty. The Texan with a bright smile. Liz is brilliant and passionate: her love is pervasive. She makes me laugh.

Jacob Morse Bethel. One of the freest and most giving men I know. He made PSP unforgettable and will change the world one day.

Chelsea Danielle Crawford. She is beautiful beyond words and has a thirst for freedom.

Andy Glisson. A fellow southerner whose relaxed sentiments brought our group back to its roots. I love this man. He made me laugh every single day of my Portland summer.

PDX: pump. summer. program.

Pump Summer Program: PSP. This is what I did all summer. Hung out with the coolest kids on the planet and walked with them on a journey of love.

Portland, Oregon. Summer 2009.

PDX: pump kids.

These kids were at the heart of my summer. They are all the children of PUMP families, folks we saw not only throughout the week but also on weekends and after camp. They are all amazing spirits.

Portland, Oregon. Summer 2009.

"Dear Meredith: I hope you're fun."

PDX: Portland zoo.

Field trip to the Portland zoo, where we learned about ecosystems and elephant ears.

Portland, Oregon. Summer 2009.

PDX: waterpark.

One of my favorite field trips.

Portland, Oregon. Summer 2009.

PDX: aspiring photojournalists

I cherish these shots: all taken by elementary aged children on my manual Canon AE-1.

Portland, Oregon. Summer 2009.